LA Advanced Training 2013
November 4 to 21, 2013
March 10 to 27, 2014

Class consists of two units of three-four day weeks. 24 contact days.

Jan Sultan and Lael Keen

Ida Rolf told her early students to “follow my Recipe for 5 years or until you think you know what you are doing.” This advanced training is designed to consolidate the training of a Rolfer. We will use Dr. Rolf’s recipe, and the values expressed there as a reference point, and a context for the class. We will work with you to integrate what you bring to the training from your own explorations. Our objective is to deepen your understanding of the work, and to refine your application of technique to become more economical and specific to the clients needs. One primary objective of the advanced class is to explore the nature of Rolfing to the extent that new information you learn will strengthen your practice and not dilute it.

As the early 10 series is a universal template, and useful to the widest range of body types, the advanced work is client centered and is applied specifically to meet the needs of the individual. We will learn how to develop non-formulistic single and multiple session interventions. There will be a high focus on the biomechanics of normal joint function, and specific techniques taught to release the common motion restrictions that interfere with normal function. We will use the Rolfing Structural and Functional Taxonomies, Jan’s Internal External model, and Hubert Goddard’s Tonic Function seeing models. This course organization will refine your ability to “see” the characteristic posture/structure signature of the body in motion, and enable you to derive meaningful information about intervention strategies. You will learn to teach your clients to use the work thru specific Rolfing Movement directives, given both during the session, and homework for the client to continue with, post session.

While we have many learning objectives for this class, the primary one is that you the student take deeper ownership of the work, and carry on the investigation we are all involved in as a partner and a peer.