Audio Courses with Jan Sultan

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Structural Biomechanics

This is an advanced audio course on Structural Bodywork produced by Five Audio CDs Correspondence Course with Jan Sultan, Rolf® Institute Advanced Faculty. Includes web access to illustrated outlines and detailed handouts.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic structural considerations
  • Sequences of intervention
  • Interrelationships of surrounding structures
  • Spinal articulations & movements
  • Practical approaches for common complaints

Each CD is one hour long, the contents are:

  • CD 1. Neck (Part 1)
  • CD 2. Neck (Part 2)
  • CD 3. Dorsal Lumbosacral Region. SI joint, Lumbar & Sacrum.
  • CD 4. Ventral Lumbosacral Region. Iliacus, Psoas, QL, Piriformis.
  • CD 5. Lower Extremities. Example of the handout

See an example of the handout:

Pattern Recognition

Five Audio CDs (approximately 5 hours) Correspondence Course produced by with Jan Sultan, Rolf® Institute Advanced Faculty. Includes free web access to client photos.
Using photographs of clients, Jan describes criteria for body reading, and provides a protocol for making observations and treatment decisions. Also dialog as each case is reviewed. Jan presents practical approaches that can be used immediately with clients and patients.

Note: “Pattern Recognition” is best studied after “Structural Biomechanics” for those that don’t have experience in osteopathy-inspired structural biomechanics.

“I’m amazed at how much information can be transmitted in an hour.” – K.I.W., Certified Advanced Rolfer®

“I would most definitely recommend the course. Highly. Affordable, convenient, easy access to one of the world’s greatest Rolfing instructors due to small class size [and] excitingly vital information, all from the comfort of my candle-lit evening bath…just kidding!”
–course participant